How To Remove the Mold Off the Vinyl Siding?

Many homeowners like to install vinyl siding due to its low-maintenance benefits. However, vinyl siding requires some serious maintenance, when the conditions are too severe. Though vinyl siding is made of artificial material, they also can get mold and mildew due to different reasons. Failing to clean the vinyl siding can be one of the main reasons for mold to survive on the vinyl siding. When the dirt and grime accumulated on the vinyl siding, they offer a perfect breeding ground for the mold. There are many cleaning methods, which will help you effectively get rid of the mold says Tim from O’Sullivan Installs

Rinsing with Water

If mold has started growing on the vinyl siding, then you can easily remove them by cleaning the surface with water. You can use a pressure washer or garden hose for this purpose. Always make sure that you start cleaning from bottom to up for better and safe results.

Cleaning Solution and Brush, Soft Cloth

Make sure that you choose a cleaning solution that does not damage the quality of the vinyl siding. It is better to insist on cleaning solution that labeled as ‘vinyl safe.’ To remove tough accumulation, you will have to use a handled brush or cloth along with the cleaning solution. It is better to choose a brush that has soft bristles, or you can choose soft cloth for safe results. Harsh chemicals and excessive pressure can damage the vinyl siding.

Windex for Small Spots

If the mold or mildew grows in small patches, then you can use the Windex cleaning solution or any other similar household cleaning solution. To be on the safer side, apply a small quantity of solution on any inconspicuous areas of the siding. This will help you know whether the cleaning solution is safe to use on the siding.

Pressure Washer

You should use the pressure washer with lots of caution. You should avoid using a pressure washer not recommended by the manufacturer. You can minimize the risk by using a lower setting. Do not apply the water on the gaps and joints in the siding.

Dishwashing Liquid

Clean Vinyl Siding
You can use your household dishwashing solution for cleaning the vinyl siding, and they can do wonders. You can make a solution by adding cups of dishwashing solution to a bucket of water. Apply the solution mixture on the siding and gently scrub the surface with a soft cloth.

Oxygen Bleach

Oxygen bleach is one of the practical options for removing the mold on the vinyl siding. Avoid using chlorine bleach as they can harm the vegetation.

Above will surely help you to get rid of the mold on the vinyl siding. As said by our elders, prevention is always better than cure. So, it would be better to take all the measures to prevent the possibilities of mold growth on the vinyl surface. Regular cleaning can minimize the chances of mold growth and can help you protect your investment. You can also consider painting the vinyl siding to extend the lifetime of the vinyl siding. You can browse the Internet to find out ideas for painting the vinyl siding.