Aside from saving you a lot of money in energy bills, providing your home with better insulation and airflow and adding up to the overall design of your home, a new window can be installed even without a cost for hiring a professional installer. If you are insecure about your skills and knowledge, perhaps it is better to handle the task to the professionals, but if you possess the adequate equipment and some clue about housework, follow this guide and complete the task successfully.

Prepare the field of work and gather the required data

First, get highly familiar with the terrain. Do all the measurements of height, width, and squareness of the existing window and make sure the new model fits. Decide if you are going to keep the frame of the old window and replace just a glass or to conduct full-frame replacement.

Window house

Small adjustments in distances can be compensated with shims, but larger differences require full-frame replacement. For highly precise measuring, measure each dimension at three different places using a measuring tape. It is recommended to do the measuring before you go purchasing a new window model.

Extract and remove the old window

To avoid buying a new set of stop pieces for a new window, you may re-use the existing ones. Use a utility knife and various adequate tools to remove them without damaging them or apply wood filler to fix pieces if the damage occurs nevertheless. Before reattaching them to the new frame, use the paint to cover cracks.

You may repaint the frame as well, especially if you decide to keep the old frame. In the next phase, you should take out the inside sash and remove the outside sash in the same manner. If there are any additional chains or chords, use pliers to de-attach them. If you decide to keep the old frame, make sure to clean it up thoroughly before placing the new window glass. It particularly refers to removing cracked wood, fixing smaller damages and removing remained screws or nails.

Installation of the new window model

You should keep the set of outside stop pieces when removing the old window. Now you can use them to navigate the new window, just apply caulk along them before that. Center sashes in the frame and slides them slowly leaning on the bumper stops. Place the new window and use mounting screws to adjust it properly.

Once the procedure is completed, the window should function smoothly without any gaps.