radon testing in Boston MA

radon testing in Boston MA

Radon is a gas that is formed by the breakdown of Uranium. This gas reaches above the soils to our home through differences in air pressure. Due to the overexposure of this gas, one can have severe health hazards, including cancer. At the time of discovery, scientists and health departments used it for Radiothorium therapies. But after some time they noticed that it is carcinogenic (cancer-causing agent). The gas can bring adverse health effects to your family if exposed more than a specific limit.

Where can one find this gas?

It is difficult to say a prominent place to find Radon. It is found everywhere in the US and different parts of the world. Probably, the quantity makes the difference in its availability. Usually, the environmental protection agency considers 0.4 p ci /lit as a harmful one. If your sweet home consists of any permanent gaps or cracks seal it or you can develop chances of attracting Radon to your structure.

How can Radon enter a home?

There are two openings for the gas to enter your home. They are:

  1. Air
  2. Water
what is radon gas

what is radon gas

The dense nature of Radon and the differences in its pressure helps Radon to escape from the soil. The Radon can attach itself to the cracks in the basement floor or foundations. Homes that receive water from the public water department have zero chances of attracting Radon. But the homes that get water from their wells at a backyard have high chances of attracting Radon. The severity of the Radon gas is less through the water as it is quickly diluted.

How to prevent Radon?

As it is a gas, only high suction pump or vacuum can keep it out of your reach. The device that can help you prevent the entry of Radon is known as a Radon Mitigation system. It can pump the Radon out from your home, making your household risk-free.

How to find the Radon mitigation system operator?

It is difficult to install a Radon mitigation system without professional assistance. The professionals from Radon Testing in Boston MA and radon mitigation in Worcester MA can ensure maximum Radon reduction and save you from its adverse effects. The Radon mitigation system operating professionals operating in the US have a certificate in the installation program offered by NRPP (National Radon proficiency program) and NRSB (National Radon safety board).

What does a Radon mitigation system operator do?

radon mitigation system Boston

radon mitigation system Boston

A professional Radon mitigation operator visits the site before installation to find the right place to install. They stay until the end moment of the installation and ensures complete safety. They complete the work by checking the reduction levels of Radon inside a structure.

Points to note before hiring a professional

Don’t bid the professional on the call. Always ask them to visit the site first. Ensure that they are certified. Don’t pay until the work is completed. Also, check the reduction levels of Radon before making the final payment. And for a really service after testing for radon, check out the best Home Inspections in Chelmsford MA