Life is full of unexpected events, and that includes potential disasters. And when Mother Nature does decide to throw a wrench in the gears, business facilities, as well as other commercial properties, often get the short end of the stick. And this can leave business owners scrambling to recover as well as doing their best to repair any property that ended up sustaining damage quote from Sutton roofers owner Jeff Vigeant

When catastrophe strikes your place of business and you are left needing repairs to your building, do you know where to turn?

Watch Out for “Storm Chasers”

After an emergency, business owners may feel rushed when it comes to repairing damage and getting to life as normal, especially when it comes to fixing their roof. However, being in this state of panic can leave these individuals vulnerable to roof scammers. One trend that has caused no shortage of trouble for innocent business owners is known as “storm chasing.” This involves conmen preying upon those who have suffered a natural disaster. How does storm chasing work?


When a natural disaster hits a particular area, especially when local roof repair companies have more work than they can handle, storm chasers will come to town. They will then focus on building a team, often by posting ads promising a six-figure income that naturally sounds attractive to applicants.


Next, the head storm chasers will reach out to a local and legitimate company specializing in roof repair, offering extra labor for the business to use. In exchange, they will request authorization to work under the name of the legitimate business, and warranty, and propose a profit-sharing arrangement. The storm chasers will then begin to operate under the legitimate company’s name. They will often take on hundreds of jobs, and all under the name of a business that is well known, which causes clients to be quick to hire them.


Big insurance payouts begin to be collected by the storm chaser team for repairs and replacements that are performed, causing the team to pocket a significant amount of money. But the work that they have done is often very shoddy, and while the team leaves the area with the money they have collected, the work they left behind begins to break down – especially when the storm chaser team is nowhere to be found.


Because of this, the local company often suffers. In most cases, they cannot honor warranties for the work that was completed by the storm chasers. This leads to the company either going out of business or losing a significant amount of business and their previous reputation.

If you are on the receiving end of a storm chaser crew’s work, your building as well as ability to carry on with work may suffer significantly. Therefore, you want to beware of storm chasers when you are in need of actual repairs.

Find a Reputable Roofer

Commercial Rubber roof repair in MA
For commercial building owners, there is good news, and it comes by way of the Old School Group. When your place of business has sustained damage and you are in need of emergency assistance, this elite group of professional roofer’s works together to provide you with the skilled labor that you are in need of. They also keep each other accountable.


In order to become an endorsed member of this group, a professional roofer must not only be endorsed by an existing member but meet the strict criteria that are upheld, carry proper licensing and insurance, a verified track record, and more. As a result, the customer service received by those in need of assistance is the utmost quality, with shared accountability and expertise, as well as a “Lifetime Service Guarantee” for all work performed. Always remember to have a certified home inspector in Westford MA look at the work before and after.

In the wake of a storm, those part of the Choice Roof Contractor Group will be there to provide you with all of your roofing repair needs and aid you in getting back to your business as soon as possible.