Top Roofing Materials That Can Withstand Hurricane

Roofs are the most ignored element of our homes and are ignored. WhileBest Roofing in MA we do a lot to preserve the walls, floors and other interiors, we seldom think of the roofs during maintenance. The roofs bear the brunt of heat, cold, rain, storm and hurricane says Mike from Express Roofing. Roofs take them all without seeking much attention. High quality and sustainable roofs can last long but still, it would require timely maintenance. Roofing replacement can be a big investment. And, in cases of storm and hurricane damages, the expense can be even more. At the construction stage, ensure that you choose a material that can stay in shape even in a hurricane. Let us take a look at some of the best roofing materials that can effectively resist hurricanes.

Asphalt Shingles And Metal Roofing

It is absolutely important to select the right roofing material that can maintain the safety and structure of the building. If it is a hurricane-prone area, then you should be doubly sure of choosing a roofing material that can bear the fury. Metal roofing is the best material for resisting hurricanes Jeff from JVP Roofing said. Metal roofing provides a warranty against damages caused by category 4 hurricanes. Such hurricanes range from 130 to 156 mph. This type of hurricane causes maximum damage. Metal roofing is more durable than shingle roofs. They also prevent a home from thunderstorms, hail storms and are fire-resistant.

Metal roofs are laid in overlapping panels that are attached to the building. This secures the roof from wind. To enjoy the benefits of metal roofs, you need a professional hand to install them carefully. Asphalt shingles are also resistant to wind and hurricane. New shingles can withstand wind as fast as 130 mph. Shingles roofs are a low maintenance option that can be easily repaired and patched.

New Roof Or Damage Repair?

If you have buckets to collect water all around the house, then it is timeTop Roofers In Massachusetts for a roof replacement. You must look for telltale signs that indicate the bad shape of the roof. You will start finding stains and molds on the wall Old School Roofing said. The foundation of the roof or roof deck will sag and start to leak. Signs of damage will be visible clearly. Missing, loose, buckled shingles and shingle granules lying loose in the gutter are some of the signs of roof damage. To make matters worse, you can see daylight through the holes in the roof. If you can take care of these issues before the storm hits, you can to a certain extent avoid re-roofing. Regular inspection of the roof will reveal such issues.

A new roof is a big investment but it reaps a lot of benefits. A new metal or asphalt shingle roof will help maintain the temperature inside the house as there are fewer gaps for fir heat to seep through during the winter season. This will reduce the energy cost. There will not be any molds and pungent smell that can cause respiratory issues and allergy. Good roofing will increase the home value and appeal. See Roofing Service Pros for more info